Enrolment Policy

The enrolment policy at Lake Road PTA School is an open policy that states that every prospecting Parent has an opportunity of their children being enrolled at Lake Road PTA School on a first come first basis whenever the School places are available without any discrimination or preference..

Admission Process

Every child that is required to be enrolled at Lake Road PTA School is obliged by the Enrolment Policy to undergo the Lake Road PTA School admission process without any reservations.

The admission process entails that when a prospecting parent comes to Lake Road PTA School to enquire for a place either in the Primary School or Secondary School they will be informed by the respective Secretaries if there are available places at whatever Grade they seek to enroll their child or children.

When the prospecting parent agrees to take up the available school place, the Secretaries will make an appointment for the child or children to be brought in for an evaluation assessment. The child or children will be assessed in the core subjects such as Mathematics, English and Sciences. The assessment determines whether the child is eligible to meet the expected level of understanding to meet the enrolment requirements.

If the prospecting pupil sits for the assessment and it turns that one has met the expected pass rate, then the child will be given a place and enrolment is secured in the requested grade. If the child fails to meet the expected pass rate, then a place may not be offered immediately. Children are given an opportunity to come and be retested after an agreed period.

The School does NOT normally enroll pupils into examination classes, these are grades 7, 9 and 12. Prospecting pupils for enrolment to the examination class will only be taken in to offer tuition. They will be required to have been entered for their respective final examinations at their school of origin. At the time of examinations the pupil will be expected to go and sit exams from where they had been registered from.