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  • Tuesday March 10th, 2020

    Dear Parents and Guardians,

    First Notification of the Annual General Meeting 2020

    This serves to inform our dear parents and guardians about the Annual General Meeting for the Parents and Teachers of Lake Road PTA School Association.:

    Date : Saturday, 4th April, 2020
    Venue : Lake Road PTA School Hall
    Time : 10:00 hours


    1. National Anthem

    2. Opening Prayer

    3. Speech by Guest of Honour from Ministry of General Education

    4. Notice of Convening the Meeting-School Manager

    5. Apologies

    6. Register of Attendance-Quorum

    7. Introduction of Tellers

    8. Minutes of the Last Annual General Meeting-30th March, 2019

    a. Reading and Correcting of the Minutes

    b. Approval of the Minutes

    c. Matters Arising from the Previous Minutes

    9. Reports

    a. Board Chairpersons Report

    b. Management Report

    c. Treasurer's Report and Presentation of the Audited Accounts

    10. Elections of new Board of Governors

    11. Any other Business

    12. Closing Prayer

    Please note the following:

    i. The quorum for the commencement of the meeting is 50 parents. I earnestly request parents / guardians to arrive on time.

    ii. The meeting is postponed if the quorum is not formed after thirty (30) minutes from the set time of 10:00 hours

    iii. All nominations shall be submitted to the office of the School Manager in not less than five clear days before the date Saturday 4th April, 2020 of the Annual General Meeting.

    iv. Nominee should have a clean school fees payment record attested by the Accounts Department.

    v. Some of the serving Board Members are still eligible for re-election.

    C Chella

    School Manager

    Download a copy of the First Notification of the AGM 2020. .Click here & get it

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