The School Enrolment Procedures

(A) Primary Section and Secondary Section

    The Six Enrolment Procedures:

    1. The Parent enquire on the School place(s) by

    (a) Coming to the School to see the Head Teacher, OR

    (b) Calling the Head Teacher or engaging the School on the following Contact details:

    (i) Primary School: 0211262295

    (ii) Secondary School: 0211260616

    (iii) Email using the following Email address OR

    (iv) Text using Facebook Messenger on this link: School Facebook Page

    2. The Head Teacher confirms School Place(s) availability/Non-availability,

    3. Parent required to fill Enrolment Form if School place is available,

    (a) If the parent has come to School an Enrolment Form will be given, &

    (b) If the Parent has not come to the School, an Enrolment Form must be Downloaded from the following School Website Link: Download Enrolment Form

    4. Parent submit a completely filled-up Enrolment Form to the Head Teacher.

    5. (a) Parent required to pay ZMW100.00 Assessment fee for the Child's assessment and upon payment the Head Teacher advices the Parent the Day of the Child's Assessment.

    5. (b) For Grades 8 and 10 the Parent MUST submit to the Head Teacher's Office the Grade 7 and 9 Final Examination Results for the Head Teacher's consideration. and

    6. (a) If the Pupil meets the Assessment requirement then an Enrolment Approval Letter is granted as a recommendation for admission of the Child in the School.

    6. (b) For the Grade 8 and 10, If the Pupil's Results meets the School Cut Off Point the Parent is issued with a School Approval Letter to pay the School Fees and once the School Fees are Paid then the Parent will be given the School Acceptance Letter as Admission of the Pupil into the School approved by the Head Teacher.